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Don’t Start a WordPress Blog in 2021, Until You’ve Read This!


In this simple, step by step guide you will learn how to start a WordPress blog in 2021 within the next 10 MINUTES, even if you’re a beginner and have never started a blog before. You don’t need any previous web design experience, you certainly don’t need any expert programming experience and you definitely don’t need to pay anyone to do it for you. Even if you have ZERO experience right now, you...

70 Best WordPress Themes for eCommerce 2021


While some household names in the high streets are shutting down stores for good, others are actually thriving by doubling down on their online operations to meet increasing demand. Over the last few months eCommerce has exploded faster than anyone could ever have anticipated and if your business is not taking advantage of that, then your competitors will. Do you sell products of any kind and you...

70 Best WordPress Themes for Businesses 2021


Hundreds of customers are searching for your services on desktop & mobile devices every single month, so a responsive website that works seamlessly on ALL devices is essential. A massive problem that I come across often is the majority of business websites I review are years out of date, don’t function correctly on mobile devices and are bleeding leads every day. If a potential customer lands on...

70 Best WordPress Themes for Blogging 2021


Being a blogger isn’t easy, you want to make sure that you will stand out from all the millions of other blogs out there. To make this possible, you have to make sure that your blog reflects your unique style and voice that makes you different from the rest. You also want to ensure that your readers will have a positive and pleasant experience as they navigate your blog. This means that it should...

Typology WordPress Theme Review 2021


In this Typology WordPress Theme Review for 2020, you’ll learn how to download, install and edit this minimalist theme that’s perfect for bloggers, authors or freelance writers. If you are anything like me, you want to concentrate on creating and sharing your best content, WITHOUT having to worry about sourcing custom or royalty free images. Typology is built from the ground up to focus on the...

How to Install WordPress for Beginners 2021


Before you can begin using WordPress to start a blog, build a business website or create an online store as a beginner, you will first need to install WordPress. In this tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to install the WordPress software on your own domain name and (affordable) WordPress optimised web hosting server, allowing you the freedom to build what ever you want, WITHOUT any...

How to Install WordPress Themes for Beginners 2021


One of the best things about owning a self-hosted WordPress blog is the fact that you now have unlimited design possibilities as there are literally tens of thousands of free and premium themes to choose from, with WordPress being so popular. With vast libraries of WordPress themes available, this gives you the opportunity to build ANY type of website you can dream up, whether you want to build a...

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