70 Best WordPress Themes for Blogging 2021


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Being a blogger isn’t easy, so after starting your WordPress blog you want to make sure that yours will stand out from all the millions of other blogs out there.  

To make this possible, you have to make sure that your blog reflects your unique style and voice that makes you different from the rest.

BEST WordPress Blogging Themes

You also want to ensure that your readers will have a positive and pleasant experience as they navigate your blog.  

This means that it should be easy for them to read your posts, search for topics that interest them and discover other content that will make them want to come back again.  

The best WordPress themes for bloggers will make all of this possible.

A good blogging theme will let you achieve the kind of layout, design, look and feel that you have in mind with no need for you to bother yourself with coding and other technicalities.  

As you already know, WordPress is the most preferred CMS and blogging platform in the market right now, thanks to its powerful features and excellent flexibility.

WordPress themes can be highly customised without having to know any coding skills so you can design your website depending on your personal preferences and requirements, even if you have zero coding or web design skills.


You may already know what you need to run these themes and can skip this section if you do, but if this is your first time building a blog using WordPress, then read this section…

Before you can use any of the WordPress blogging themes that I have featured below, there’s a few things you’ll need to have in place to make sure everything functions correctly.

Domain Name:
The website address people will visit to access your blog online.

Web Hosting:
Where the files of your blog are hosted to allow 24/7 access online.

The most powerful and popular content management system.

SSL Certificate:
This makes your website secure so visitors can browse safely online.

Yoast SEO:
This free plugin helps you increase your rankings in major search engines.

You can build an email list to promote your future blog posts. (Optional).

If you are starting a WordPress blog for the first time then it would be wise to get the majority of requirements from one company who can be trusted to deliver what you’ll need.

I recommend ordering a WordPress optimised web hosting package from Bluehost, as you get a free domain name, free SSL and best of all, the latest version of WordPress is automatically installed for you so all you have to do is install your theme.

Bluehost has been recommended by WordPress.org themselves for more than a decade due to their commitment to WordPress and their in-house development of specific WordPress focused web hosting features that make it easier for you to start a blog quickly.

Once you have signed up to Bluehost you simply login to your WordPress admin from within your Bluehost account, install the blog theme you purchased and then follow the setup instructions that will be displayed at the top of your WordPress admin after the theme installs.

If you are finding it difficult to install, setup or edit any aspect of the WordPress themes featured below then you can apply for my FREE WordPress Theme Installation here.

Best Themes

When you install WordPress themes like the ones featured below you are not only going to improve the look and feel of your website, but also the user experience for your readers.

Whether you are a new WordPress blogger who is just getting started with your online journey or you already have an existing blog that you want to revamp to attract more visitors, the following is a list of 70 best WordPress blog themes for 2021.

1. Soledad

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Soledad
Soledad – Multi-Concept Blog Magazine WordPress Theme by PenciDesign

Soledad tops the list for a good reason: it didn’t take a week for it to make thousands of sales.

This theme boasts of a clear and clean design combined with a resourceful functionality and polished aesthetics, giving you access to all the ingredients of a successful blog.

Soledad is a multipurpose magazine and blog theme that is optimized for SEO, fully responsive and loads super fast. The theme was especially designed to help anyone build blogs and magazine sites that look and feel professional from top to bottom.

With its cohesive, solid, attractive, clever design and intuitive user interface and experience, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular WordPress themes for bloggers today.  

2. CheerUp

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Cheerup
CheerUp – Food, Blog & Magazine by ThemeSphere

Easy and simple to use, CheerUp definitely lives up to its name.

Highly responsive, well-structured and intuitive, you can use this theme whatever kind of blog you might have in mind.

CheerUp was developed to empower anyone regardless of skill level to create modern and awe-inspiring modern blogs in just a few minutes.

This theme gives you the chance to craft memorable, expressive, and one-of-a-kind styles through the use of the different hierarchies and structural and layout options available. 

CheerUp has also got several unique elements, making it the ideal choice for any modern blogger as it lets you express yourself effectively.  

3. Authentic 

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Authentic
Authentic – Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme by codesupplyco.

Authentic is a WordPress theme that suits lifestyle magazines and bloggers.

The theme comes with a long list of amazing and useful features that can set your magazine or blog apart from others with 50 unique demos to jump start your blog.

Your visitors will surely love the contemporary and clean design of your website when you use Authentic for it and is easy to edit using the integrated page builder.

Authentic is minimalist so that your blog readers will be able to focus completely on your content without any distractions.

This WordPress theme can even help make your content go viral in no time as it comes with built-in customized widgets and sticky share buttons for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

4. BuzzBlog 

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - BuzzBlog
Buzz – Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme by Hercules_Design

If your main goal is for your blog to create a buzz online, then BuzzBlog is exactly what you need if you want to seamlessly integrate your social media profiles.

This WordPress theme offers a sophisticated and clean look to your blog. This is especially suitable for fashion blogs or any type of blog that has a feminine touch.

The theme is also totally responsive, which means that users will be able to view your site with ease no matter what they of device they are using.

It also comes with several useful features such as SEO-friendly framework, custom layouts, custom fonts and more.

Elegance is what BuzzBlog is all about.  

5. Pluto  

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Pluto
Pluto – Clean Personal WordPress Masonry Blog Theme by Osetin.

Pluto is a WordPress theme that takes on a contemporary approach that uses a masonry and clean layout for your blog to achieve the coveted Pinterest effect.

This highly rated theme has user membership features to help you transform your blog into a thriving community. It’s also got smart photo protection that helps you ensure that your photos will not be taken or stolen to be used anywhere else online.

Making money with your blog is also possible since this theme has got several locations where you can put up your ads, some of which can go in between featured images in your blog posts.  

6. Writing 

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Writing
Writing – Personal Blog WordPress Theme by A-Works.

Don’t be deceived by the simple interface of Writing because you can count on this theme to boost your rankings in search results.

Writing is just the theme you need if you want to create that minimalist effect. This theme uses 24 Social Share Icons together with several social Icon Widgets and Facebook Open Graph Tags.

It is also WPML compatible and can be translated easily to different languages. There is RTL support for Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew also available.

The theme is also retina ready and fully responsive, which means that it can adapt to different screen resolutions and sizes like tablets or smartphones.  

7. Malina

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Malina
Malina – Personal WordPress Blog Theme by ArtstudioWorks.

Stepping into the world of Malina doesn’t need any second thoughts. This is probably one of the best WordPress themes for personal blogs that you can find in the market right now.

In fact, it is not just considered as one of the best as it also happens to be among the most popular ones for a good reason. With the practical features, excellent page layouts and specialties, Malina can guarantee you of a unique and pleasing outcome.

This theme is perfect for both beginners and professionals so you can get started working with Malina whatever your skill level might be.

8. Typology

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Typology
Typology – Minimalist WordPress Blog & Text Based Theme by meks.

A text-based WordPress theme, Typology is made for minimalistic lovers of books and writing. If you prefer to be simple for your stories, news, and other types of writings, this theme is just what you need.

Typology is my favorite blogging theme which is why this blog uses it. It’s easy to customize but most of all, it provides your readers with an enjoyable experience. Your readers will find your blog simple to navigate and pleasing to read.

Typology is fully customizable and responsive in every aspect. It provides unlimited colors and font sets to develop your layout. You can also connect it with your social media profiles with a few icons and buttons.

This is also fully packed with helpful shortcodes and widgets. The system of Typology is just like that of magazines or newspapers in using the comments threads.  

9. Read WP

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Read WP

Read WP is the minimalist author WordPress theme perfect for personal websites, blogs, and portfolios with a comprehensive blog system and also supports all types of post formats.

Filtered portfolio with the AJAX load more items feature as well as a responsive custom-styled lightbox, unlimited gallery support and responsive image gallery.

Being fully responsive, this minimalist author theme for WordPress looks excellent even on devices with small screens, which is a requirement in today’s multi-device world.

This design focuses on readability so you can be sure that the focus and attention will all be on your content, rather than stuffing your website with slow loading ads and clunky widgets. 

10. Let’s Blog

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Lets Blog
Let’s Blog WordPress Theme by ThemeGoods.

Let’s Blog is a WordPress theme especially designed to suit blogs tackling any type of subject.

This is a flexible theme that lets you customize sidebars position, widgets and image gallery behavior. You can also add your chosen colored frame layouts.

Developed to suit both advanced WordPress users and beginners, Let’s Blog boasts of a site interface made to help you express yourself.

The theme has been especially made with easy and simple customization for bloggers in mind to help you impress your readers with stately aesthetic and smartly clean modern look of your blog.

It also helps you showcase your content in effortlessly everlasting style using this theme.  

11. Brixton

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Brixton
Brixton – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme by gljivec.

Brixton is an impressive and minimal WordPress theme for blogs. It has a very captivating and creative design and can even help enhance your blog.

There is no need for you to have any programming skill just so you can make the most out of this wonderful product because Brixton is a guaranteed user-friendly theme.

This theme can load amazingly fast thanks to its streamlined layout and optimized code which is more beneficial for user experience and also ranking higher within major search engines.

The latest update of the theme includes font Awesome icons that make it richer and even more flexible than before. The theme is also compatible with the high resolution retina displays.  

12. HEAP

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - HEAP
HEAP – A Snappy Responsive WordPress Blog Theme by pixelgrade.

HEAP is a very flexible WordPress blog theme that comes in handy for bloggers who want to share or publish their stories online.

The makers of HEAP built it with speed, clean coding, and versatility in mind. This gives you the assurance that all pixels of your website will be flawlessly displayed across all kinds of mobile devices.

The theme also comes with powerful features like easy to manage widgets, social integration and shortcodes. It has a powerful options panel that lets you customize or organize your site to cater to your needs.

HEAP is also optimized for usability and speed which means your readers will enjoy reading your blog as it’s built with them in mind.

13. The Fox

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - The Fox
The Fox – Modern Blog Magazine Theme by withemes.

Easily navigable, notably well-structured and cleverly designed, The Fox is a theme that offers an attractive and modern appeal.

Its developers masterfully and carefully crafted this WordPress theme to make more streamlined with simplified site building experience and pliable and gorgeous results each and every time.

This theme is ideal for bloggers, magazines and anyone who wants to display visual content to a bigger online audience as the theme is decked with several stunning Masonry-style compositions and beautiful layouts.

This also offers right or left sidebar choices, a Featured Sticky post for welcoming visitors and explaining more about you and so much more. 

14. Journey 

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Journey
Journey – Personal WordPress Blog Theme by indieground.

Journey is a WordPress theme that is elegant and creative, simple and clean, minimal and fashionable, tech-savvy and packed with elegant details.

This theme is suitable for bloggers, photographers, travelers, food lovers, illustrators and the like. 

Journey comes with 8 demos, 11 blog layouts, customizable header images, 3 post and page templates, customizable options for authors and plenty of typography options.

You can also take advantage of the premium plugins that are already included in the theme. These include advanced custom fields repeater, advanced custom fields gallery and visual composer plugin.

15. Tribe

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Tribe
Tribe – Feminine Coach WordPress Theme by LaunchandSell.

Tribe is an excellent WordPress coaching theme and blog especially made for sites related to personal coaching, online coaching consultants and so much more.

The built in blog fits in perfect with the overall website and will enable you to share valuable content that will help you attract more coaching clients from Google.

This also comes with very easy profile management and gives you several eCommerce options that let you sell online courses to customers.

As a special WordPress coaching theme, Tribe also gives you the opportunity to add products such as books as well as other courses on coaching to your site.

To make things even better, Tribe even supports online appointment scheduling and booking for your website users.

16. Himmelen

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Himmelen
Himmelen – Personal Minimal WordPress Blog Theme by dedalx.

Himmelen is among the best WordPress theme for bloggers this 2020. This theme is elegant, simple and can improve layouts to complement your content.

You can even chronicle all of your experiences or even weave your incredible stories easily. Himmelen also provides unlimited number of page layout variations and blog styles.

Considering that the gaze of your users will be focused on what you wrote, the theme also implemented several typography options.

There are more than 650 different Google fonts so you can be sure that your posts are going to be unique from beginning to end.  

17. Wild Book

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Wild Book
Wild Book – Vintage & Elegant WordPress Blog Theme by NordStudio.

Creative, elegant and vintage are the best words to describe Wild Book WordPress theme. This is the best option for portfolio websites and personal blogs.

The theme has been designed on split page layout with customizable background and vertical menu. Aside from the customizability and flexibility, Wild Book is also retina ready, responsive and SEO friendly.

This also has RTL support and can be used in different languages including French, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Greek, Japanese, and Hebrew.  

18. SeaShell

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - SeaShell
SeaShell – Modern Responsive WordPress Blog Theme by meks.

Meks has designed and developed SeaShell as a WordPress blog theme for highly professional use. This theme is very responsive and is ideal for all screen sizes and resolutions as well as different mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.

The modern but neutral user interface design can work well for all types of blogs, including business and private blogs. SeaShell also comes with advanced theme options panels so you can easily setup your site in a matter of minutes.

There are also social sharing integration, smart categories, and an integrated theme translator that gives you the chance to translate or modify text on the front end.

19. Sitka

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Sitka
Sitka – Modern WordPress Blog Theme by SoloPine.

Sitka is the WordPress theme that you need when starting your personal blog as it lets you enjoy website realization in such a short period of time.

The outstanding samples are available for you to use right away.

Even if you choose to enhance the default look of Sitka with your own unique taste, you can be sure that you can go online immediately.

Sitka handles all the legwork for you straight out of the box, which means that the only thing left for you to do is some refining touches here and there depending on what you want and need.  

20. Backpack Traveler

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Backpack Traveler
Backpack Traveler – Modern Blog by Mikado-Themes.

Thanks to Backpack Traveler, it would be a piece of cake to create your personal blog. This is a WordPress theme focusing on anything related to adventures and travels.

You can also use it for other purposes or intentions as you please. With Backpack Traveler’s flexibility, you can tailor it right away to your needs and personalize it where necessary.

However, if you are a certified traveler who loves to share stories with your fans, it is best to use Backpack Traveler out of the box. Backpack Traveler is the WordPress theme you need to strengthen and improve your personal travel blog.  

21. Piemont

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Piemont
Piemont – Premium Travel & Lifestyle Responsive WordPress Blog Theme by dedalx.

Prefer a modern and high quality WordPress theme?

Piemont is the answer to your needs.

It has a fast, beautiful and clean layout that gives you the assurance that your page can effectively attract lots of visitors.

If you have a plan to start an interesting blog, this WordPress theme offers an intuitive user interface and a plethora of exciting features.

No matter what niche your site belongs to, you can count on Piemont to accommodate all your needs. It is also customizable as you can alter the color scheme of your blog or implement pre-defined palettes.

There are 1-click demo imports for food, interior design, fashion, travel, magazine, digital and simple blogs to get the ball rolling or you can configure something easily that’s unique to you.

22. ContentBerg

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Contentberg
Contentberg – Content Marketing & Personal Blog by ThemeSphere.

ContentBerg is a retina ready and fully responsive WordPress blog theme perfect for bloggers, serious content marketers and writers.

Although its design looks minimal, this is still rich in features. Ample white spaces, quick loading pages, carefully chosen fonts and clean design all combine to provide you the best and most readable theme you could ever ask for.

You can create stunning posts with the excellent with Gutenberg, the excellent new visual WordPress editor. Adding, removing or editing blocks is also made easy and simple with this theme.

Since this is a responsive theme, the layout easily adapts to all screen sizes so your site can be compatible with different devices like tablets, desktop computers and smartphones.

23. Aden

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Aden
Aden – A WordPress Blog Theme by Infinity.

Aden is an easy to use, simple, modern and clean WordPress blog theme perfect for both beginners and advanced users of the platform.

As a fully responsive theme, this fits all sizes of displays, ranging from the lowest to the highest resolutions, and even supports all the modern browsers.

The WordPress Live Theme Customizer also makes the theme easily customizable with no need for backend options. Aden is retina ready with multi blog layouts, show/hide most elements, fixed/static header and more.

Aden also offers online documentation and comes with 24/7 support so you can get the help you need once your site goes live.

24. Simple Article

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Simple Article
Simple Article – WordPress Theme For Personal Blog by GoodLayers.

Simple Article is yet another minimal WordPress theme that is guaranteed to bring delight to any blogger. This offers a long list of features that you need to build your site from the ground up.

These include social share in every post; sticky post; various post formats like soundcloud, audio, and video, aside, quote; and gallery as slider, grid, or column.

The theme also provides four blog layouts to let you make the most out of your design that include medium thumbnail with content on the side, full thumbnail, masonry and column.

Simple Article also comes with category filter for blog posts.

25. Grand Blog

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Grand Blog
Grand Blog – WordPress Blogging Theme by ThemeGoods

Grand Blog is the top choice of more than 110,000 bloggers and it doesn’t take much to understand the reason why.

This is a versatile, elegant and professional theme that has been the theme of choice of travel bloggers, photojournalists, news and fashion bloggers for more than 7 years.

Considered as the best theme for creative writers, there are more than 20 different predefined blog layouts available in Grand Blog.

It has an open layout that focuses on photography and most layouts have a style that resembles magazines with text columns, bold photos and large headlines.

26. Reco

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Reco
Reco – Minimal Theme for Freebies by EstudioPatagon.

Reco is a flexible premium blog WordPress theme that has a unique, modern and clean feel. This can also be customized to make it suit your website.

It offers numerous great features with striking feel and look, and nice color style. It also has two website layout styles complete with custom contact page as well as other features you will find useful.

Reco is most suitable for advanced developers and even users who don’t have any background in programming. This also works great for individuals and business owners and experts and newbies.

This theme gives your site a unique edge and keeps your business at a high level.

27. John Doe

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - John Doe
John Doe – Clean WordPress Blog Theme by Hercules_Design.

John Doe is a professional, modern, personal, clean and simple blog that is perfect to spread and share stories of all sorts. This is completely responsive so it can adapt well to your unique style and the device where it is being viewed on.

The theme is loaded with excellent features, limitless styles support that has 10 predefined CSS styles, WPML ready, widget manager, 8 custom widgets, 15 custom page templates, 8 post formats, over 60 shortcodes, and so much more.

John Doe got everything covered for you so you will have lesser worries and more time to focus on growing your blog.

28. Gutentype

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Gutentype
Gutentype | 100% Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog + Elementor by AncoraThemes

Gutentype is a responsive, attractive and modern WordPress theme for bloggers.

Whether you are a writer or a blogger who writes articles, world news and stories and you are running an entertainment blog or travel blog, you can use Gutentype theme to share your articles or lifestyle stories.

This theme also works for personal travel blogs and viral blogs. This is also suitable for niche blogs, professional magazines, entertainment blog projects and so much more.

Gutentype has full Gutenberg support and also comes with MailChimp for WordPress, Instagram Feed, multi-language, and Contact Form 7 options.  

29. Trawell

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Trawell
Trawell – Travel Blog WordPress Theme by meks.

Trawell is a WordPress theme for blogs, destination directories and travel guides. This time will give you the chance to create a site that you can show to the world with great pride and honor.

With the help of Trawell, you can have a blog that is guaranteed to amaze visitors in just a matter of 5 minutes or less. Trawell takes your travel stories to a completely different level.

You can choose from a plethora of carefully designed templates that can match your unique taste and everything can be done with only a few clicks.  

30. Squaretype

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Squaretype
Squaretype – Modern Blog WordPress Theme by codesupplyco.

Squaretype is the premium WordPress theme for blogs that comes with modern designs. It has 9 different designs, all of which can be imported in a few clicks.

The template also contains a hero section that is highly configurable where you can display several featured posts in numerous variations and layouts on the homepage.

Squaretype is also WooCommerce-compatible and will let you develop your very own shop right on your WordPress site.

The theme also features a multiple page header type, category filter and smart color. It also comes with a super fast mega menu and is customizable with the Instant Live Preview.

31. Applique

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Applique
Applique – Fashion Blog Theme by Dahz.

Applique is a quality WordPress theme that promises to improve your page and its overall quality to make it easier to get the attention of more customers.

While its name is more fashion-related, this also works well for all types of blog, whether it has something to do with fashion or not.

Applique has a streamlined and well-written code and it is also completely SEO-ready. With the help of SEO, you can increase your chances of your blog climbing up those super competitive search rankings in no time.

The setup process of Applique is also very user-friendly and intuitive so you can start using it in only 5 minutes.

32. Breek

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Breek
Breek – Minimal Masonry Blogging Theme for WordPress by EstudioPatagon.

Breek is an ultra modern WordPress blog theme that focuses on vivid colors and high speed.

This theme effortlessly suits any type of blog, including biography, resources, personal and freebies blog.

The theme is also super fast and light and was made with several different techniques in order to come up with excellent Google scores.

The developers of Breek created it with SEO and code quality in mind and it is easy to see once you start using and customizing it as you please.

Breek also comes with 11 custom widgets as well as a powerful and effective theme options panels to simplify administration.  

33. Hooray

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Hooray
Hooray — Blog WordPress theme for Professional Writers by Bdaia.

Hooray is another premium WordPress blog theme that is packed with all the things you will ever need for running an engaging blog where you wouldn’t have a hard time keeping in touch with visitors.

Thanks to its long list of features, the theme is easy to run and you can maintain your own blog that you will love to play around.

You can use this template to style your blog according to your personal preferences to create the kind of results that will best showcase your unique character and personality.

34. Rima

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Rima
Rima – Personal Blog WordPress Theme by ArtstudioWorks.

Rima is a stylish and modern theme for WordPress blogs that is guaranteed to give all your readers an immersive and pleasant experience as they browse through your pages.

The beautifully balanced and polished pages of Rima make this the perfect template to use for whatever type of blog you have in mind.

This lets you build your posts with its What You See Is What You Get or WYSIWYG functionality made possible by the Visual Composer Builder or Elementor page builder.

Without any need for coding, Rima is such a breeze to use, made even better with its liquid and responsive design.

35. Bjorn

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Bjorn
Bjorn – Responsive WordPress Personal Blog Theme by dedalx.

Bjorn is a stylish, modern and clean WordPress theme that is here to transform your magazine-style or personal blog into something unique that offers an immersive and engaging experience to visitors.

Bjorn was made because the developers care about the way people share and experience the content that they find interesting.

The stripped back and chic feel of Bjorn sets the best tone for content that will surely challenge, engage, entertain and inspire your followers.

This is a responsive and powerful WordPress blog theme that works great for blogs including DIY, architecture, photography, nature, fashion, travel, beauty and so much more.

36. Pin

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Pin
Pin – Pinterest Style Masonry WordPress Blog Theme by An-Themes.

Pin is a topnotch theme with beautiful style reminiscent of Pinterest that makes it look like a social network or magazine. The moment a user arrives on the page, they are free to choose whether to delete, view, edit, or create the posts.

This is primarily a place where users can make front-end decisions as well as share their personal online discoveries with others. The theme also offers a social login module so that users can log into the site in a matter of seconds.

Pin also comes with full front-end submission tool that speeds up the process for people who want to share new content.  

37. SmartBlog

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - SmartBlog
SmartBlog – Smart Travel Blog by ThemeSphere.

SmartBlog is a minimalist and fully responsive theme for WordPress blogs.

This provides an elegant and lightweight design that will surely put the spotlight on your valuable content and nothing else.

Thanks to the different header styles included in the theme, you will be able to create a truly one of a kind blog layout that suits your needs and preferences.

Additional features include unique category filters, featured post slider, multiple layout styles and so much more that will definitely set your WordPress blog apart from the rest.

SmartBlog is also retina ready, SEO ready and also comes with the sharing counters. 

38. GoBlog

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - GoBlog
GoBlog – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme by BloomPixel.

GoBlog is a very responsive theme for WordPress blogs that boasts of a minimalist design for its layout.

Its framework is also very versatile and this offers functional features that can help you alter the basic elements of your website or blog with minimal to no effort at all.

In addition, it is also easy to change the homepage and header layouts with the use of the control panel of the theme.

The developers also designed the theme so that it can have a smooth performance on any type of handheld device.

It is also ready for translation so you can reach out to a larger audience.  

39. Writers and Journalists Blog

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Writers and Journalists Blog
Blog for Writers and Journalists With Bookstore WordPress Theme by AncoraThemes.

Trendy and stylish, Writers and Journalists Blog with the Bookstore WordPress theme comes with a functional and modern design.

This was coded especially for professional bloggers or writers. The theme also got the most conducive interface for showcasing the talent of copywriters and authors.

This theme is made WooCommerce ready so that you can get started selling courses, trainings, and books.

Writer has plenty of customizable features to share your chosen content with your audience, making this theme interesting for podcasters and magazines.

This theme is also compatible with several awesome plugins, 100% retina-ready and fully responsive as well.  

40. Innovation

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Innovation
Innovation: Multi-Concept News, Magazine & Blog Theme by Theme-Ruby.

Innovation is a WordPress blog theme packed with lots of features, a powerful page builder, one click installer and excellent support for 6 months.

You just need to buy the template once and get a modern and beautiful website with several layouts.

The purchase will also give you access to the lifetime updates without any additional cost that makes it a valuable choice for blog, newspaper and magazine websites.

With its intuitive and elegant design, you can come up with a site that puts your best work before anything else.

Coded with CSS3 and HTML5, all the features of Innovation include purposeful and elegant effects and animations focusing on your content first and foremost. 

41. Readme

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Readme
Readme – A Readable WordPress Theme by pixelwars.

Readme is another responsive WordPress blog theme focusing on readability with minimalist design. This also has optimal reading experience on all types of devices.

The theme offers distraction-free reading and beautiful typography.

It is also retina ready, boasts of a responsive design, is jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 powered, has flexible videos and images with five blog layouts with or without sidebar versions and has a complete blog system that supports all formats of posts.

Readme has unlimited portfolios and a filtered portfolio that has cool CSS3 animations. Its image gallery is also responsive and mobile optimized.

42. Alia

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Alia
Alia – Minimal Personal WordPress Blog Theme by A-Works.

Alia is a special premium WordPress theme perfect for company or personal blogs.

This has a clean and minimal design, light and mega fast page speed, super easy to use settings and ideal spacing and typography to ensure readability to give readers and bloggers only the best reading and writing experience ever with zero distractions.

The developers made it even simpler for blog owners to build their blogs and get started with blogging in just 4 minutes. With Alia, it won’t take up too much of your time to create your blog and customize it as you please.  

43. Johannes

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Johannes
Personal Blog Theme for WordPress by meks.

Johannes is the multi-concept modern theme for personal blogs.

This has been especially designed to keep up with the trends of the modern web today while offering complete support for the latest WordPress 5 block editor as it is already Gutenberg ready.

It is also SEO ready, optimized for performance and very flexible to suit your unique taste, making it an ideal choice for website authors, magazines, modern personal blogs as well as niche blogging sites.  

44. Carrie

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Carrie
Carrie – Personal & Magazine WordPress Theme by Creanncy.

Powerful, elegant and stylish, Carrie is a multipurpose theme for WordPress blogs that goes well for personal blogs.

This theme has an exceptional design with plenty of options to let you customize your blog as you want, such as changing layouts, colors, post views, fonts, and so much more.

The creative promo boxes and stunning sliders of Carrie provide a one of a kind visual experience that lets you display your content in various ways with the responsive layouts that have been optimized for every type of device.

Pure, fashionable and clean are the best words to describe Carrie theme.   

45. Disto

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Disto
Disto – WordPress Blog Magazine Theme by jellywp.

Disto, a premium theme for WordPress blogs, has a responsive layout and clean design that most bloggers will find hard to resist.

The theme comes with many useful features such as the custom sidebar, theme options, slider style, homepage, unlimited layout and so much more.

This is also Gutenberg ready so you can be sure that it is flexible enough and will let you create stunning blog posts on good layout designs.

It is also available in light or dark mode and has an Instagram Feed Integration and Lightbox Image gallery.  

46. Camille

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Camille
Camille – Personal & Magazine WordPress Theme by Creanncy.

Camille is a multi-concept WordPress blog theme perfect for startups and agencies.

Camille boasts of grid and masonry layout, beautiful listings and an elegant way to help you ensure that your blog will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Camille is also fully responsive, which means that it can adapt to different device sizes and resolutions.

The theme is also pixel perfect, with all of its elements looking stunning in all retina-ready, standard resolutions and devices.  

47. Marni

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Marni
Marni – WordPress Blog & Shop Theme by red_sun.

Marni is a responsive and premium WordPress theme especially made for travel, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers.

This theme is meant to capture the difference in everyday beauties, from the most extraordinary ones to the most mundane.

The minimal, clean and elegant layout of the theme has been crafted to give you amazing content in a laid back and unobtrusive but still stylish way.

It also lets you display the grid of boxes in all sizes and shapes on your homepage then link them to your pages, posts, shop items or categories as well as other external URLs like your social media accounts.  

48. Travelista

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Travelista
Travelista – WordPress Blog Theme by BloomPixel.

Travelista is a WordPress theme made and created for all travel bloggers out there. However, thanks to its clean and simple design, this also works well for all types of blog.

Travelista supports a total of 9 formats for posts including Standard, Image, Gallery, Quote, Link, Aside, Video and Status Audio.

It also offers an easy option for choosing 9 different archive pages and blog layouts and 3 layouts for the single pages.

The theme also has a very powerful featured slider that has the option to pick slides by selected posts, posts by categories or custom slides.  

49. Bloggy

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Bloggy
Bloggy – Responsive Minimalist WordPress Theme by pixelwars.

Bloggy is a beautifully crafted and simple responsive WordPress theme for bloggers.

This features post formats, custom header image as well as different page templates that will let you customize it as you like.

Bloggy is very responsive and you can count on it to present your blog in the best way possible on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even on large desktop screens.

This theme also lets you customize your website title, menu, background and custom header.

To add some variety to your website, Bloggy also offers a full-width template, full-width template with no header and an about page template.  

50. Fotomag

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Fotomag
Fotomag – A Silky Minimalist Blogging Magazine WordPress Theme for Visual Storytelling by codetipi.

Fotomag is the minimalist WordPress magazine that lives up to its name as it works well with visual websites about recipes, personal, travel and all things in between.

Fotomag is an ultra minimalist and silky smooth photography blog magazine for WordPress.

The theme is also anti-bloatware and this only follows the best general and WordPress coding standards to give you the assurance that this is the easiest blogging theme that you will set up, use and enjoy.

The choices are all under complete control via the customizer of WordPress.

This theme was designed to ensure that the focus will be on your stunning imagery with no unwanted gimmicky distractions.  

51. Noemi

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Noemi
Noemi – Lifestyle & Fashion Blog by PX-lab.

Noemi is a simple and pure theme for WordPress blogs that specifically caters to all the fans of flexible functionality and beautiful design.

This theme is made to put emphasis on individuality as well as to focus on the independence and creativity of the bloggers.

To further highlight the benefits of Noemi, the developers also added custom colors, custom slider, featured categories, Instagram widget as well as many other features and options that make Noemi a very powerful tool that boasts of an elegant and sophisticated design.  

52. Lily

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Lily
Lily – An Elegant WordPress Blog Theme by ThemeMove.

You can be sure that your audiences are going to be impressed with the clean and elegant layout and distinctive typography of Lily.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of blog topic you want to work on because you can count on the features of Lily to be the perfect fit.

Lily is made for bloggers, travelers, media and news agencies, art decorators, studio designers as well as other types of blog-based businesses to use and develop an enticing and beautiful site.

The advanced blog options, graceful typography, comprehensive shortcodes and pre-made layouts all play a crucial role in the undeniable success of Lily as a WordPress theme for bloggers.  

53. Overflow

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Overflow
Overflow – Contemporary Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme by codesupplyco.

Overflow is a contemporary WordPress theme for all lifestyle blogs and magazines. This is a well-thought and clean theme that will also work even for social media influencers.

Thanks to the Demo Switcher, the signature feature of the makers of Overflow, you will be able to apply a new demo anytime with no need to worry that it will affect your content.

If you find one of these demos boring, you just need to apply another one to get a totally difference appearance for your magazine or blog.

Featured posts are displayed in a beautiful grid in Overflow and you can filter featured posts and set limits for the time frame when your posts are published.

54. Personal

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Personal
Personal – Best Blog, CV and Video WordPress Theme by webinane.

Personal is one of the most innovative WordPress theme for personal blogs and is suitable for every blogging master out there.

This is also equally great for video sites as it comes with dozens of amazing functionalities that you can rarely see in other premium templates for WordPress blogs.

Every single one of the 9 innovate designs for homepages is perfection in its own right. The theme can cater to personal blogs and also advanced requirements of specific blog niches.

The types of posts it supports include images, audios, videos, text, sliders, and so much more.  

55. Futura

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Futura
Futura – Responsive Minimal Blog Theme by GBJsolution.

Futura is a clean theme that focuses on content that makes it an ideal choice for bloggers. The theme supports all types of post formats and since it is responsive, you can be sure that it will fit in different devices of various sizes.

This is an elegant but simple theme with all the theme options directly incorporated within the WordPress customizer itself, so it’s very simple to make your blog unique to you.

This particular WordPress theme is suitable for every type of travel, personal, tutorial and hobby blog. It is also very easy to install and customize Futura as all the necessary details are already indicated in the documentation.  

56. Outdoor

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Outdoor
Outdoor – Responsive Adventure Blog and Magazine by Dannci.

Outdoor is an elegant WordPress theme for blogs and magazines with a completely responsive layout. This is a theme suitable for all types of outdoor, activity, hiking and sports websites.

The theme also includes plenty of helpful features such as masonry layout complete with infinite scrolling, drag and drop page builder, support for Jetpack, bbPress and so much more.

All the functions of this theme have been based on a solid framework on the back-end. Outdoor also comes with an advanced theme admin and modular homepage with unlimited layouts.  

57. Editor

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Editor
Editor – A WordPress Theme for Bloggers by pixelwars.

Editor is geared toward photo bloggers and personal bloggers. This theme includes big images and typography as well as tab-based sidebar that have a spot for a website logo, featured posts and social links menu.

Editor will also display all of your featured posts on the tab of its own found on the left part of the website which helps improve the user-experience for your readers.

If you want to set a particular post as your featured post, all you have to do is go to the settings to set a tag. This makes it easy for you to highlight the posts that would capture the attention and interest of your audience.  

58. Foot

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Foot
Foot – Grid Front-End Submission Content Sharing by An-Themes

Foot is a responsive and stylish masonry or grid personal WordPress theme for bloggers.

Made with love and care with the use of the latest CSS3 and HTML5 techniques with the validity code and the theme is fully responsive so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your blog will look perfect regardless of the mobile devices being used by your audience.

The theme has a great user-experience with all types of devices as its responsive design has been specifically optimized for smartphones and tablets by the developers.  

59. Sidewalk

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Sidewalk
Sidewalk – Elegant Personal Blog WordPress Theme by meks.

Sidewalk is a theme for WordPress bloggers that has been carefully designed with a serious focus on excellent user-experience and readability.

Although this has been crafted with personal blogs in mind, this will also suit the unique needs of advanced professional bloggers as well as simple magazine or news websites.

Thanks to its responsive design, you can be sure that your site is going to look just as great on mobile phones and tablets as it will on big screens.

Sidewalk also has an easy to use and advanced theme options panel that will let you set up your site in just 5 minutes, allowing you to select settings that are unique to your taste.  

60. The Affair

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - The Affair
The Affair – Creative Theme for Personal Blogs and Magazines by codesupplyco.

The Affair is an outstanding theme as far as technical and user perspectives are concerned. As far as user experience is concerned, this provides a smooth flow of setup that is intuitive and consistent.

It manages to avoid most of the usual pitfalls common in most themes which is why it is not a surprise that this ranks as one of the best WordPress themes for bloggers in 2020.

As for the technical performance area, The Affair is also outstanding in the categories of responsiveness and SEO and is developed to a high standard which ensures that you won’t experience major glitches when using it for your blog.  

61. Soigne

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Soigne
Soigne – A Responsive Minimal WordPress Blog Theme by RevolveThemes.

Soigne is a WordPress blog theme especially made for bloggers who are looking for minimal aesthetics combined with functionality.

Crafted with the purpose of delivering high rates of conversion, Soigne theme offers a plugin that will show your popular posts on a sidebar together with a view count in a Post section.

The widget areas are also easily customizable so you can get started in creating the template you want with the use of the custom widgets.

Soigne also comes with featured boxes, featured slider, contact form 7 integration, and custom signup form integration with MailChimp.

62. Once

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Once
Once – Clean & Elegant WordPress Blog Theme by codesupplyco.

Once is a clean and modern WordPress theme for contemporary magazines and blogs that are primarily based on content.

The theme has a featured post section where you can display your featured post in different variations and layouts that you can showcase directly on your homepage.

There are also three different types of page header for your pages and posts.

You can display the header of your featured posts with a small page header or an image overlay, depending on your preferences. 

63. Lahanna

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Lahanna
Lahanna – Food Blog WordPress Theme by pixelwars.

Lahanna is a user-friendly and beautiful WordPress theme made especially for food blogs. This comes packed with every single feature that any food blogger will need and ever ask for.

You can start posting your delicious recipes on the blog and attract a large following in no time.

The theme comes with a user-friendly system for recipe management that is powered by Cooked plugin. It also comes with Recipe Index Page complete with filter.

It is also retina ready and has a responsive design and touch gestures on the sliders. Lahanna has mobile-friendly components specifically developed for the best mobile experience.

64. Akea

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Akea
Akea – WordPress Blog Theme by GoodLayers.

Akea is a minimal WordPress blog. This is a premium responsive theme made for personal, journal, lifestyle, magazine, editorial, travel, and photography blogs.

This theme works well with Gutenberg that is the next generation of WordPress editor which is integrated in all new WordPress installations. It also has a powerful GoodLayers Page Builder.

The theme is carefully crafted with a clean design that works well with WooCommerce.

Akea is ultra flexible with lots of exceptional features including custom skin colors for particular item wrapper, background wrapper options, three view modes, pre-built blocks and pages, and so much more.  

65. Carrino

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Carrino
Carrino – An Exciting Gutenberg Blog Theme by 3FortyMedia.

The exciting and bold design of Carrino makes this the best option for those bloggers who want to make an impact and a big one at that.

With a variety of post styles and layouts, support for known third party widgets, seven sidebars, Gutenberg’s powerful features for editing and numerous options for themes, Carrino makes blogging fun and exciting all over again.

The theme is enhanced and designed with Gutenberg and custom color palettes, support for different alignments and full front-end block styling.

You can also feature all your favorite posts for every category on the upper part of the page and tweak the post style and layout for the best impact.  

66. Brookside

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Brookside
Brookside – Personal WordPress Blog Theme by ArtstudioWorks.

Brookside is the new generation WordPress theme for personal blogs that will give your audience an immersive browsing experience like no other.

This WordPress blog theme has beautifully balanced and polished pages that make this the perfect WordPress template for various blog types.

The theme is also ready to use with the latest version of WordPress and is completely compatible with the Gutenberg Content Editor.

No coding is required that makes it very easy to use and exceptional innovations have also been implemented and continue to be implemented that further improve its existing features.  

67. Veen

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Veen
Veen – Minimal & Lightweight Blog for WordPress by EstudioPatagon.

Veen is another ultra modern WordPress blog theme that focuses on nice effects and high speed.

This theme is a perfect fit for all types of blogs, specifically biography, travel, photography or personal blogs.

This fast theme is super light and was made with the latest development techniques in order to achieve outstanding scores on Google. The developers also factored in SEO and code quality.

This is easy to customize and use and includes a powerful theme options panel for easier administration as well as 11 custom widgets.

Veen is AMP compatible and is also multi-language including English and Spanish.  

68. Impose

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Impose
Impose – WordPress Blog Theme by pixelwars.

Impose is a cool WordPress theme made for bloggers and designed with a user-friendly approach to simplify the process and give you an enjoyable experience while blogging.

With this theme, you can look forward to having a great looking blog within minutes as Impose has got all the features you can ever ask for to create a powerful and beautiful blog.

Impose also has numerous blog layouts for you to choose from that you can use for your blog.

What makes Impose unique from other themes is that it comes with a personal introduction page with animated rotating words, profile image and the list of your blog’s latest posts.  

69. Kale

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Kale
Kale – The Perfect Food and Personal Blog Theme by lyrathemes.

Kale is hands-down the ultimate theme that’s particularly ideal for food blogs.

Beautifully made and especially designed to make it possible for you to craft an eye-catching lifestyle, personal or food blog.

Kale is very easy to migrate to or set up, has an emphasis on photos, outstanding typography and several great spots for showcasing some of your most valuable content.

This is a lightweight theme that comes loaded with excellent features.  

70. Mira

Best WordPress Blogging Themes - Mira
Mira – A Photo Stories WordPress Blog Theme by matchthemes.

Mira is another elegant photo stories theme for WordPress that caters to bloggers, writers, photographers, travelers and designers.

This is a simple and clean, fully responsive and easy to use theme.

Mira provides a very user-friendly experience with over 15 article layouts for you to choose from. You can be in full control of your website with Theme Live Customizer.

You can also change the colors, add your logo, social media links, and tweak the typography as this theme is packed with all features necessary to create an awesome blog.

There is no doubt that the main strength of WordPress is that it’s open source, which means that talented coders will continue to create & improve awesome themes like the ones featured here.

The only thing left for a resourceful and smart entrepreneur to do to create an attractive, functional and unique blog is to register a domain and order WordPress optimized hosting.

All of these result to low monthly overall cost.  

But of course, to ensure that you can use WordPress to the fullest and come up with a beautiful blog, you will need the best theme you can find.   

Listed above are 70 of the very best WordPress theme for bloggers in 2020 that are guaranteed to make your blog content more effective and attractive to readers.

Don’t forget that no matter what industry you are working in, content is still the king but design and user experience is what will propel your content to the moon.

Using the best and most responsive theme for your WordPress blog is a must, whether you are only getting started or you have been in the industry for years.  

Take your time to choose the perfect WordPress blogging theme out of this list for your blog and hit the ground running with a solid foundation to build your future success.

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You do not need to buy a premium WordPress blogging theme unless you are unhappy with the design and layout of themes you can download for free.

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The price of a premium WordPress theme that has been specifically designed, coded and optimized for bloggers can range between $20 to $50, which is an excellent deal.

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This means that for just $50 or less, you can buy a license to use a high-end WordPress theme that has been coded by a team of expert WordPress developers.

Premium themes from the best authors are constantly updated inline with WordPress core updates and have enough color, layout and design options to make your blog look unique to your style and taste.

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Over the last 16 years I have built 100's of websites WITHOUT writing a single line of code, all thanks to the power of WordPress. Kudos to the coders!

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