70 Best WordPress Themes for eCommerce 2021


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If there’s ONE thing that brick and mortar businesses have learned during the corona-virus outbreak, is that NO product based business can avoid financial difficulty WITHOUT quickly adapting to market conditions and the evolving needs of their customers.

While some household names in the high streets are shutting down stores for good, others are actually thriving by doubling down on their online operations to meet increasing demand.

Over the last few months eCommerce has exploded faster than anyone could ever have anticipated and if your business is not taking advantage of that, then your competitors will.

Do you sell products of any kind and you don’t currently have an online store?


Do you require in-store visits without optional online ordering and home delivery service?

If that’s the case then your business is at risk of losing the majority of it’s potential profits, or in many cases as we’ve already seen, your business could close for good!

Business owners who are too slow to adapt to the shopping behaviors of their customers will quickly realise their customers are moving on to competitors who can fulfill their needs.

Your business MUST have an online store to survive in this new economy.


You may already know what you need to run these themes and can skip this section if you do, but if this is your first time building an online store using WordPress, then read this section.

Before you can use any of the WordPress eCommerce themes we have featured on this post, there’s a few things you’ll need to have in place to make sure everything functions correctly.

Domain Name:
The website address people will visit to access your store online.

Web Hosting:
Where the files of your store are hosted to allow 24/7 access online.

The most powerful and popular content management system.

The WordPress plugin that transforms your site into an online store instantly.

SSL Certificate:
This makes your store secure so customers can send payments online.

Payment Processor:
Accept PayPal or credit card payments instantly for products in your store.

If you are starting an online store for the first time then it would be useful for you to get the majority of requirements from one company who can be trusted to deliver what you’ll need.

I recommend ordering a WordPress optimised web hosting package from Bluehost, as you get a free domain name, free SSL and best of all, the latest version of WordPress is automatically installed for you so all you have to do is install your theme.

Bluehost has been recommended by WordPress.org themselves for more than a decade due to their commitment to WordPress and their in-house development of specific WordPress focused web hosting features that make it easier for you to build a store.

Once you have signed up to Bluehost you simply login to your WordPress admin from within your Bluehost account, install the theme you purchased and then follow the setup instructions that will be displayed at the top of your WordPress admin after the theme installs.

If you are finding it difficult to install, setup or edit any aspect of the WordPress themes featured below then you can apply for my FREE WordPress Theme Installation here.

Best Themes

When you install WordPress themes like the ones I handpicked below, you are not only going to improve the look and feel of your online store, but also the user experience for your customers which will certainly help to boost your conversions.

Whether you are new to building online stores using WordPress or you already have an existing store built on WordPress that you want to re-design, below you will find 70 of the very best WordPress eCommerce themes for 2021.

1. Flatsome

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Flatsome
Flatsome: Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme by UX-themes.
  • 134,000+ Sales
  • 23,000+ Comments
  • 5,800+ Reviews

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Flatsome tops the list of the best eCommerce WordPress themes this year. Users cannot help but to fall in love with this theme for many reasons.

For one, Flatsome offers several features that will make it easier for you to build out your eCommerce shop, WITHOUT needing a coding degree.

One of these features is its Live Page Builder tool.

The Flatsome WordPress theme is designed to help you build an online store unique to you, which can easily be customised with a library that contains 30+ content modules.

Flatsome is also updated on a regular basis throughout the year with new features that you can enjoy for free and is always compatible with the latest WordPress/WooCommerce release.

2. Porto

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Porto
Porto: Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme by p-themes.

Porto is yet another eCommerce WordPress theme that you can use to sell all types of products online. It doesn’t matter if you have a generic online store or a niche specific store.

You can count on Porto to bring your online business ideas to life as this is a multipurpose theme that you can use for any function or goal you have in mind.

Porto also has tons of features and 20 different demos to help you craft a professional and enticing online store, making it unique to your own style.

This is among the best optimised themes you can use that delivers outstanding performance on all devices and all settings can be easily edited without needing programming experience.

3. Shopkeeper

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Shopkeeper
Shopkeeper: eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce by getbowtied.

Shopkeeper is one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes you can consider using if you want to showcase all of your products or build an efficient online shop for your business.

It is a very flexible theme that comes with options that simplify the task of store development.

Its layout design is fully responsive and fluid to ensure that all of your visitors will have only the most amazing viewing experience.

This theme can also be used for many other purposes apart from setting up your online shop as this also provides layout for product catalog, parallax, landing page and full-width sliders.

4. WoodMart

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - WoodMart
WoodMart – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme by xtemos.

If you are looking for an eCommerce WordPress theme that is versatile enough to cover all the needs of your online store, you can count on WoodMart to cater to all of your demands.

This is a cross-browser compatible, retina-ready and responsive theme that offers an excellent shopping experience on all platforms and devices.

But, what really makes WoodMart useful is that it boasts of more than 40 predefined demos straight out of the box, so you don’t have to start anything from scratch.

WoodMart has also got all the essential inner pages such as team, contact, about and 10 different product styles to choose from, allowing you to create an online store quickly.

5. XStore

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - XStore
XStore: Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme by 8theme.

XStore is especially made for everyone who wants to build contemporary online store sites, online wholesale websites, digital outlets and any other type of eCommerce venture.

The theme exists to help you design powerful eCommerce sites in an efficient and quick manner across all markets and niches in just a few minutes.

But the best thing is that you can launch a professional, high converting online store using WordPress and WooCommerce with no need for you to write a single line of code.

XStore has also been equipped with tons of heavily manicured, polished and marvelously designed demo page templates and websites.

6. Electro

Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme by MadrasThemes
Electro: Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme by MadrasThemes.

Even though Electro Electonics Store is a type of eCommerce WordPress theme primarily optimized for a single niche, that is all sorts of tech products and gadgets, you can be sure that it really excels in what it does.

Electro is very remarkable when it comes to design and provides numerous pre-made homepage looks and layouts.

The best thing is that these are not only random designs and instead, they are page structures that have been thought through with care.

The theme also has good typography, customisable header styles and WooCommerce specific product page layouts.

7. The Retailer

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - The Retailer
The Retailer: eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce by getbowtied.

In case you need a user-friendly site template to build an eCommerce website, portfolio, product catalogue, business website or agency website, The Retailer might just be the WordPress theme you are searching for.

It is an incredible theme that comes with customization options and integrated tools to build different types of agency or business websites.

Although developers created this theme with online retail and eCommerce business in mind, the theme also comes with a choice of homepage layout designs you can use for various purposes.

The theme has layouts for agency, corporate, landing page, product catalogue and more.

8. Bazar Shop

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Bazar Shop
Bazar Shop: Multi-Purpose e-Commerce Theme by Sara_p.

This excellent multipurpose theme will help you customize your way to business success.

Bazar Shop is a bit more complicated eCommerce theme. To be exact, this is a type of multipurpose theme that provides different ways of building your website.

It is a fully responsive theme that makes it ideal for viewing on all devices.

Users are also free to choose from a range of sliders. There are also no restrictions when it comes to how many sliders you could add to your page.

You can choose from two custom pages for checkout.

9. Maya Shop

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Maya Shop
MayaShop: A Flexible Responsive e-Commerce Theme by Sara_p.

Maya Shop is a very fresh eCommerce WordPress theme that uses the powerful WooCommerce plugins to help you develop a versatile store powered by WordPress with unlimited skins and unlimited layout options.

You can make the theme your very own and all you have to do is mix up the content on your homepage with shortcodes and widgets, set out the layout in boxed or full width style, or pick your background color.

You can also set one out of the more than 50 custom backgrounds, choose your header color, alter your products’ style and select from 8 different sliders.

10. Savoy

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Savoy
Savoy: Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme by NordicMade.

If you are searching for a chic AJAX-powered WordPress eCommerce theme for your online shop, Savoy is no doubt one of the best options you can get.

Its minimal and clean design makes it very possible for you to highlight and sell all services or products you want to offer online.  

The theme also has a single-click install functionality that will help you conveniently and easily build your very own eCommerce site without needing any special skills.

Savoy also comes with a very responsive layout that can adjust slickly on various mobile and computer platforms.

With the help of this theme, you can design and build your eCommerce website like a pro.

11. Neighborhood

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Neighborhood
Neighborhood: Responsive Multi-Purpose Shop Theme by SwiftIdeas.

Neighborhood is a retina-ready and super responsive theme built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

The theme features a modern, clean and extremely slick design that comes with the most amazing Swift framework that provides endless possibilities.

The outstanding Swift Page Builder is at the very core of the framework that gives you complete control to develop websites that will give your content justice.

The makers of the theme have built in several incredible features like full WooCommerce support, super search and a whole lot more.

If you want to build any type of website, Neighborhood is the theme you need.

12. Basel

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Basel
Basel: Responsive eCommerce Theme by xtemos.

When looking for an eCommerce WordPress theme, most people just settle for the one meant for the task at hand. But, for people who wish to develop a theme from the ground up with only eCommerce in mind, Basel is the theme you can consider.

Built around WooCommerce, this theme provides 10 different layouts for online stores that are all installed with a single click and covers all types of niches.

Every page contains lots of content without feeling overwhelming or cluttered.

13. Atelier

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Atelier
Atelier: Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme by SwiftIdeas.

Atelier is a very versatile eCommerce WordPress theme. It has a sleek, modern and minimalistic visual design. The theme has an array of features combined with a topnotch support system.

If you want to explore first the layout of Atelier, there is also an available well-designed demo. You can then use this demo as the foundation for developing your website in the future.

What sets this theme apart from the rest is that users are allowed to control the overall experience. Its mobile navigation is equally great as its desktop counterpart that makes this theme mobile-friendly and fully responsive.

14. Legenda

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Legenda
Legenda: Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme by 8theme.

Legenda is basically a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme and is one of the best ones you can find and use today.

This theme allows innumerable options for customization to create almost all types of websites. However, its seamless WooCommerce integration helped it earn a spot in this list.

The theme uses the reliable and popular WooCommerce platform that will let you incorporate the online store related features in your website.

WooCommerce is also in full control of taxes, sales, inventory management, and shipping features of your online store.

There are also several features such as menu layouts, filter options and Ajax search.

15. Martfury

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Martfury
Martfury: WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme by drfuri.

Martfury is a very modern and flexible WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress theme.

It is a theme suitable for multi-vendor marketplaces, electronic shops, furniture stores, accessories stores, hi-tech stores, clothing stores and so much more.

With the help of this theme, you will be able to develop your very own marketplace and give vendors the chance to sell similar to Amazon, eBay and Envato.

This theme was exclusively built and designed for WooCommerce, the most famous WordPress eCommerce solution that will help you sell anything and everything online, including tangible goods and digital or virtual files.

16. Mr. Tailor

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Mr Tailor
Mr. Tailor: eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce by getbowtied.

Mr. Tailor is the masterpiece of Getting Bowtied.

This is a sophisticated and trendy WordPress theme template suitable for online retailers, sellers as well as other businesses that require a theme for their site that is WooCommerce compatible.

However, if you have plans to use your site to promote your services or products, all you have to do is disable its eCommerce functionality on the theme options panel.

This also boasts of a very responsive layout that can adjust appropriately to any type of device.

The classy design of Mr. Tailor is what makes this an ideal option for projects that require a refined layout and design.

17. Royal

Royal: Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme by 8theme.

Royal is the ultimate theme you can use for various purposes.

The compatibility of this theme with WooCommerce makes it very much possible to develop a full-fledged eCommerce site with the use of the theme.

The theme has variants in the four categories and one of these is eCommerce. There are 16 available demos that you can choose from under the eCommerce category.

This theme is compatible with the famous Visual composer plugin for the options such as drag and drop page building.

This easy to use theme has plenty of options for footer, header, color, fonts, and background to choose from.

18. Aurum

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Aurum
Aurum: Minimalist Shopping Theme by Laborator.

Aurum is a modest and simple theme that is WooCommerce-ready that will give your customers a more convenient experience during online shopping.

This theme is suitable for businesses like boutiques, jewelry, technology, bookstores, and so much more.

The theme is rather flexible and comes loaded with great features that can be used to design a one of a kind eCommerce site.

This also comes with a completely responsive layout design that is implemented with the retina-ready elements and icons to make your site look eye-catching on high resolutions displays.

This theme package comes with some pre-made demos as well that can be used to build your site or you could also make your own page layout with the use of the skin builder.

19. Sober

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Sober
Sober: WooCommerce WordPress Theme by uixthemes.

Sober is a modern, unique and premium WordPress theme that focuses on eCommerce.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling tools, toys, clothes, camping accessories, sport or fishing equipment, surfboards or furniture because Sober is now here.

This theme is ready to give you a helping hand in building a powerful online store with a clean design your customers will surely love.

One of the most important aspects of a successful online business is that visitors should feel comfortable as they browse through your products.

The online store of Sober has some clever built-in add-ons such as wish list, shipping calculator, report system, tracking system and more.

20. Nitro

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Nitro
Nitro: Universal WooCommerce Theme from ecommerce experts by woorockets.

Advertised as the ultimate theme for WooCommerce, Nitro is a theme that is worthy to check out.

This includes templates for electronics, fashion, sports, jewelry and furniture with three brand new designs being released every month. Every design is clean and minimalist with the focus on your products.

The theme complements the attractive design of Nitro with a remarkable eCommerce functionality. Its integrated features include live search, promo pop-ups, size charts, wishlists, and out of stock alerts.

This also supports various page layouts with a compatibility with Visual Composer plugin for every design customization need you might have.

21. WooPress

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - WooPress
WooPress: Responsive eCommerce WordPress Theme by 8theme.

With its extreme popularity among users and positive feedback and reviews, WooPress is a special type of eCommerce WordPress theme that boasts of a solid following and loyal fans.

Since the eCommerce world has a vast number of niche categories, the WooPress theme comes with over 20 layouts with different designs suitable for coffee shops, to pet shops, kindergarten websites and furniture stores.

This theme is highly rated thanks to its remarkable page loading speed that offers a much better user experience which can help convert more store visitors into paying customers.

Since website loading speed is also a part of the Google ranking algorithm, this is also great for your SEO if you want to rank higher in Google search results, making it a good choice.

22. North

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - North
North: Responsive WooCommerce Theme by fuelthemes.

North comes with a very attractive layout design guaranteed to instantly get the attention and interest of all visitors of your online store.

This is mobile-ready, fully responsive and retina ready to ensure that your site will display seamlessly across every type of modern device.

The theme is also designed with a primary focus on usability, typography and user-experience as a whole, which helps to improve your sales conversion rates.

This also comes with nice options and features that let you explore your imagination and creative to establish a one of kind website for your agency or business.

The theme also includes more than 600 Google fonts, custom widgets & unlimited color options.

23. Kingdom

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Kingdom
Kingdom: WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme by AA-Team.

Kingdom is WooCommerce theme that comes with WPBakery and Wzone to help you develop a site that can generate more sales for your business.

The theme also comes with many other plugins that are popular in the industry, including Premium SEO pack, ConvertPlus and Slider Revolution.

There are also 11 templates that are included that are guaranteed to impress you right from the get-go.

Among the most useful features of the theme is none other than the display of the top deals in Amazon. By simply adding a shortcode to all of your pages, it will be easy for you to display the deals for the day at Amazon.

24. Oxygen

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Oxygen
Oxygen: WooCommerce WordPress Theme by Laborator.

Oxygen is the eCommerce WordPress theme specifically made to build online shops. It is a fully responsive theme that has been built according to the famous Bootstrap framework.

This also provides different options for customization to change the look and feel of the theme with the use of the built-in theme options panel.

You are also free to choose from four types of header layouts, change the typography, blog layouts and toggle shop settings to make things your own.

You can even come up with unique layouts for pages using the premium plugin of WPBakery Page Builder, so you have a wide range of choices to make your store unique to you.

There is also a free Slider Revolution that lets you create eye-catching presentations for your store that can showcase your best products or current offers and discounts.

25. GoodStore

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Good Store
GoodStore: WooCommerce Theme by jawtemplates.

There is no doubt that GoodStore is among the best eCommerce WordPress themes that you can find in the marketplace.

A quick look at the preview image and the 20+ amazing pre-designed skins/demos will let you know the reason why it is so popular straight away.

With this particular theme, you know you will never go wrong as it’s its easy to install, load the demos and then customise the theme for your own specific needs.

GoodStore is also translated into a total of 7 languages including English, Greek, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Portuguese with more languages to be added soon.

26. Handy

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Handy
Handy: Handmade Shop WordPress WooCommerce Theme by themesdotzone.

Handy is an efficient and lightweight theme that can empower and encourage everyone to maintain and create sophisticated eCommerce sites that deal with handcrafted goods that include handcrafted marketplace sites.

It is an effective and capable theme that you can use to churn out professional and seamless eCommerce sites of all scales that are related to the handcraft industry.

The theme is also quite reliable that is developed on a very solid foundation with demo data and a visual content builder included so you can build and edit your store quickly.

27. Mega Shop

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Mega Shop
Mega Shop: WooCommerce Responsive Theme by TemplateMela.

Mega Shop is yet another WordPress eCommerce theme that has been based on the WooCommerce plugin.

This particular theme is perfect for mega store, multipurpose, accessories, cosmetics and electronics online stores, but can also be used for all types of online shops.

With Mega Shop, you can be sure that everything looks highly polished and professional thanks to its exceptional combination of colors and layouts.

Mega Shop comes pre-loaded with 25+ demos that can be quickly and easily installed with just one click and have been designed for all different types of niches including jewelry, electronics, coffee, baths, food , bags, lingerie, kitchen, beers, spices and tons more.

All of the homepages and sub-pages have been optimised to offer a professional and clean look, so when people visit your online they know you mean business.

28. Konte

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Konte
Konte: Minimal & Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme by uixthemes.

Konte is a minimal yet impressive WooCommerce theme that is especially made for fashion stores.

Even though some demos of Konte were set up for furniture sales, most of its pre-made templates are filled with fashion-related items such as accessories and clothing.

But, don’t worry because you can always replace its demo content with your preferred product information and for this reason, whatever you might be selling online, this theme can still be an ideal option for your online store.

29. Marketo

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Marketo
Marketo: eCommerce & Multivendor Marketplace Woocommerce WordPress Theme by XpeedStudio.

You can use Marketo theme to create a multi-vendor or single online stores selling a wide variety of products, as this versatile theme can be customised for any niche.

It doesn’t matter if you are the only one who sells the products from your shop or you want to develop a multi-vendor marketplace where other sellers could sign up and have their products listed for sale, the Marketo theme was made with you in mind.

In order to keep up with multi-vendor functionality, the theme is made to work with all essential tools such as the Dokan plugin that could add these features to your site.

With 16 pre-made demos that can be installed quickly with one click, preset or unlimited custom colour combinations and the elementor drag and drop page builder, you can build a powerful store without having to know any coding skills.

30. Labomba

Labomba: Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme by Dahz.

Labomba is a one of a kind eCommerce WordPress theme that is guaranteed to leave your followers in awe. This provides a wide array of features and is very user-friendly as well.

The main goal of Labomba is to provide you with the latest trends in fashion through a streamlined and intuitive interface.

The product can be used as a blog page, lookbook and portfolio. With the inclusion of WPBakery tool, it has remarkably simplified the customisation process.

No programming or coding knowledge is required and even kids can create awesome web pages with Labomba.

31. Nielsen

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Nielsen
Nielsen: E-commerce WordPress Theme by Sara_p.

Nielsen is an eCommerce WordPress theme that is very user-oriented with the multi-concept layout together with numerous advanced features that are guaranteed to improve your store.

Its design is retina-ready and mobile-friendly. You can take advantage of its beautiful and multi-concept design with the 12 demos available that are ready for you to use.

Its user-oriented design has been made for a quick and easy to use interface. There is also a sticky header and unlimited header layouts.

This theme is also fully brandable, which means that you can switch out the details with your own details straight inside the theme options panel.

32. Chromium

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Chromium
Chromium: Auto Parts Shop WordPress WooCommerce Theme by themesdotzone.

Chromium is a powerful, modern and elegant auto parts WordPress theme that primarily targets websites that sell car accessories online.

This is the perfect and most suitable theme you can use if you have plans to build or revamp any type of car related website such as a car repair shop, auto repair services company, a car wash, oil changing company, tyres, brakes and more.

Chromium also serves as a wonderful theme for auto dealer websites, car blogs, auto trader catalogs and almost all other sites in the industry of vehicle maintenance.

With 7 pre-designed demos that can be installed with one click, unlimited color and typography options, drag and drop elementor page builder and fast performance, Chromium is powerful.

33. Claue

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Claue
Claue: Clean, Minimal Elementor WooCommerce Theme by JanStudio.

Even though minimalism might not seem like the most suitable option for online shops, this can actually be a good decision as this will put all the focus and attention completely on the products you are offering and nothing else.

Claue is a minimalist and simple theme especially made for fashion stores. The main goal of Claue is to show off your products to visitors and encourage them to make a purchase.

You can let your customers choose different variations of products like size, color and view the corresponding images.

34. EmallShop

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - EmallShop
EmallShop: Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme by PressLayouts.

EmallShop is a one of a kind WordPress theme that has an integration with the WooCommerce plugin.

This will help you design and develop an online shop and website through the use of the latest Bootstrap framework and the creative Visual Composer.

EmallShop offers eCommerce features that will help you create a stunning store in an effortless manner with unlimited colors or skins and full control over every aspect of the design.

The theme also supports Visual Composer so you can customize the layout of your site with ease in just a few minutes using its drag and drop page builder.

35. Oswad

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Oswad
Oswad: Responsive Supermarket Theme by kalathemes.

Oswad is one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes perfect for individuals and companies who wish to develop an impressive online marketplace.

This theme comes with numerous homepage layouts that can come in handy for all types of websites. Its design has also been optimised for all screen resolutions.

There are other helpful tools and features that you can get from Oswald such as the bbPress Support, Testimonials, Portfolio Integration, Visual Composer Integration, Mega Menu Built-in, Revolution slider and so much more.

36. Mindig

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Mindig
Mindig: a Flat & Multipurpose Ecommerce Theme by Sara_p.

Mindig is among the numerous eCommerce WordPress themes that you can use.

All of the themes from the makers of Mindig are extremely popular and are certified bestsellers as far as the eCommerce category are concerned.

Mindig is packed with all the essential features you need and want for your online store.

There are more than 14 demos available that are all ready for you to use. You could choose from one page, portfolio, corporate or shop. The template also has unlimited header layouts.

37. Strollik

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Strollik
Strollik: Single Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme by Opal_WP.

Strollik is a functional and dedicated single product theme for WordPress.

Based on WooCommerce, this is an ideal theme for the single product online shops like vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, strollers, massagers, smart bottles, skateboards, energy drinks, bags, drones, watches, wallets, shavers, cameras, chairs, glasses, remote controls, speakers, and more.

Strollik comes with more than 25+ unique and creative homepage demos that include numerous outstanding animation effects and features for you to choose from.

The single product WordPress theme also gives you several pre-built options that have a single click support and several layouts that you can setup in full width and boxed format.

38. Merchandiser

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Merchandiser
Merchandiser: eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce by getbowtied.

Merchandiser is a type of dedicated site building platform.

This mainly centers on offering appealing, seamless and modern websites with an excellent ability of dealing with online commerce in various ways and for thousands of different markets and niches.

The theme has the ideal combination of plugins, features, elements, and page templates that can make the whole process of designing and building your own unique online store in the fastest way possible.

Live Customizer and WPBakery Page Builder make the whole process easier for customising layouts with help of the variety of attractive layout templates.

39. Media Center

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Media Center
MediaCenter: Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme by MadrasThemes.

Media Center is another WooCommerce WordPress theme that you can use that boasts of a fully responsive, user friendly, modern and clean design.

This particular theme has been specifically designed for WooCommerce electronics shops.

The developers of the theme has made sure to put in plenty of effort and love into designing this theme and they hope that users will also have a fun time using this theme just as much as they enjoyed during its development process.

The layout was made specifically or electronics shops but it can also be used in other types of online marketplaces.

40. Eventica

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Eventica
Eventica: Event Calendar & Ecommerce WordPress Theme by tokopress.

Eventica is both an eCommerce WordPress theme and an event calendar at the same time. This theme is ready to be used for online stores and events listings. You can even sell the tickets for your events with the use of WooCommerce.

This special WordPress theme is also completely suitable for all event planners as this can help them develop a site that is related to their services and business.

Eventica even comes with Events Calendar plugin. This WordPress theme is very compatible and has easy to use and flexible Events Calendar plugin that offers different elements necessary for developing a professional website.

It also comes with a total of 3 demos that can fulfill all of the requirements of every event planner when it comes to the creation of a business using the modern digital platform.

41. Puca

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Puca
Puca: Optimized Mobile WooCommerce Theme by thembay.

Puca is a customizable and flexible WooCommerce multistore WordPress theme that can install and change items in just a few minutes.

This is made possible through the use of Powerful Theme Options that also let you customize the Google fonts.

This theme can come in handy for different purposes and is specifically built for stores specializing in electronics, furniture, fashion and more.

Puca is also completely compatible with different SEO standards to help your business achieve high search ranks on Google results.

Every Puca page is fully responsive that allows for easy viewing on all types of devices.

42. Cerato

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Cerato
Cerato: Multipurpose Elementor WooCommerce Theme by CleverSoft.

Cerato is a modern looking and unique eCommerce WordPress theme developed using the Elementor page builder.

Cerato is a feature-rich, powerful, flexible, super light and impressive WordPress WooCommerce theme that will surely work well with your online store.

All of the amazing features of this theme have been blended and gathered together in Cerato, making it one of the most attractive, stylish, responsive and powerful WooCommerce theme that you can find and use out there.

With the use of this theme, you can be sure that you will be getting all the things you need to help you build your online store quickly.

43. Handmade

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Handmade
Handmade: Shop WordPress WooCommerce Theme by G5Theme.

Handmade is among the best eCommerce WordPress themes for stores selling handmade items.

With its very clean and elegant design, you will be able to showcase all of your products in the most stunning way.

Feel free to choose from more than 8 pre-designed homepages that will give you the chance to develop the most amazing online store in only a matter of hours.

The demos are also available in the live preview that offers different types of layouts and color combinations.

The WordPress theme package also comes with documentation, premium support, updates, visual composer, revolution slider and PSD files, all for free.

44. CiyaShop

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - CiyaShop
CiyaShop: Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme by Potenzaglobalsolutions.

CiyaShop is among the best eCommerce WordPress themes that can be used for all types of intentions and purposes.

This is a multi functional theme that will let you unleash your creativity and imagination as much as you want.

With CiyaShop, nothing will hold you back.

You can go as wild as you please and customize the theme any way you see fit for your project and customise it to make it suit your branding from top to bottom.

What’s great is that you don’t need any prior skills on design or coding.

It is effortless and quick to perform any type of modification and improvements whenever needed.

45. Adrenalin

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Adrenalin
Adrenalin: Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme by commercegurus.

Another popular WooCommerce WordPress theme today is none other than Adrenalin that is currently powering thousands of stores all over the world.

This has an amazingly versatile feel and look that can make all types of eCommerce stores look attractive and enticing.

Adrenalin is the perfect choice for stores of all kinds, featuring a unique clean design combined with the excellent typography meant to help your products take the spotlight.

Users cannot help but to rave about this theme so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is among the most highly sought after WordPress eCommerce themes in the market right now.

46. Elessi

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Elessi
Elessi: WooCommerce AJAX WordPress Theme – RTL support by NasaTheme.

User-friendly, modern and clean are the best words to describe Elessi, a WooCommerce theme that boasts of a long list of functions that makes it a great choice for almost all types of eCommerce projects.

Elessi has been developed with the experience of customers in mind.

Some of its features include unique compare, unique product filtering, product quick view, one click installs, and so much more.

Awesome, powerful and very easy to use, you can use Elessi to build your very own online store on the WordPress platform quickly, with no need for any coding knowledge at all.

47. Ekommart

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Ekommart
Ekommart: All-in-one eCommerce WordPress Theme by Opal_WP.

If you are planning to start a single product business and you have already decided on your niche, Ekommart is the all in one eCommerce WordPress theme that you can use.

You can use this WordPress theme for computers and electronics, kids and toys, grocery and food, parts and tools, health and beauty, plus a whole lot more.

The theme also comes with more than 23 useful pre-made homepages that you can install in just a single click.

Ekommart has been built with the use of the newest technology including CSS3 and HTML5.

Use this theme to take your business to the next level.

48. KuteShop

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - KuteShop
KuteShop: Marketplace Elementor WooCommerce Theme by kutethemes.

KuteShop is a flexible and modern WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress theme that is especially suitable for the multivendor marketplaces, furniture shops, electronics stores, hitech stores, clothing shops and accessory shops.

With the help of the KuteShop theme, you will be able to make your very own marketplace and even let’s you launch a platform similar to eBay and Amazon.

49. BoxShop

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - BoxShop
BoxShop: Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme by skygroup.

BoxShop belongs to some of the bestselling eCommerce WordPress templates that you can use.

This theme has been especially designed to help you sell, sell and sell even more.

With BoxShop, you could add the content blocks for displaying your products that are supported with the multiple banners to showcase what you are offering.

Just like the rest of the templates in this list, BoxShop also comes with Revolution Slider to help you in transitioning between the images of your products in such an aesthetically pleasing way.

50. GreenMart

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - GreenMart
GreenMart: Organic & Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme by thembay.

GreenMart is yet another powerful and ultimate organic and food eCommerce WordPress theme.

This is a beautifully designed theme that supports smart design and high quality graphics.

GreenMart is a theme that comes with more than 8 different homepages.

The multipurpose WooCommerce also supports a single-click install as well as visual composer page building.

This theme also comes with several stunning features such as SEO optimized files, mega menu, social icon links and more.

Responsive and cross-browser compatible, you can be sure that GreenMart can support your business goals.

51. Unero

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Unero
Unero: Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce WordPress Theme by drfuri.

Unero is a minimal and clean AJAX WooCommerce WordPress theme that caters to online shopping stores.

With its minimalist design and full focus on the products being offered, you can be sure that Unero can help make your online shop look more attractive and impressive to viewers.

This theme helps improve your conversion rates as it lets your customers buy your products in a fast and convenient way.

The theme is also suitable for different eCommerce websites, including furniture stores, decoration stores, fashion shops and so much more.

This is an amazing theme with WooCommerce integration and comes with many plugins on top of its features.

52. Biagiotti

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Biagiotti
Biagiotti: Beauty and Cosmetics Shop by Mikado-Themes.

If you happen to be searching for a killer eCommerce WordPress theme to help you sell your beauty and cosmetics products, your best choice is none other than Biagiotti.

This is a very sophisticated, enticing and beautiful theme that can get everything done and completed in just a few minutes.

This is made possible thanks to the features that come with this theme, you just need to mix and match and you are good to go.

You can also use its drag and drop page builder if you wish to take things to a whole new level.

No coding needed here at all.

53. Gecko

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Gecko
Gecko: Powerful Ajax WooCommerce Theme by JanStudio.

Gecki is a powerful AJAX WooCommerce theme especially made for online fashion stores, organic shops, handmade stores and furniture stores.

This comes packed with all of the best features that would have otherwise taken you months to design and develop on your own.

This is a fully responsive theme that looks stunning and appealing on every type of device and screen.

The theme can also be very easy to set up for Instagram Feed, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, Product Image and Color Swatches, WooCommerce Email Transaction and so much more.

This also comes with product listing AJAX filter, social sharing, Ajax add to cart and other exciting features that help you sell more products.

54. Artday

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Artday
Artday: Creative Artist WordPress Shop by WossThemes.

Artday is another single product and fully responsive WordPress theme that you can use to sell your goods.

This is a theme that works well for art prints, poster shops, print stores, and artist shops.

Artday is a special WooCommerce WordPress theme that is the perfect epitome of a design that is trendy enough but still focuses on attention to detail imagery, clutter-free spaces and simplicity.

This theme can be the comfy home for all of your art prints, paintings, product design portfolios, and posters.

The different layouts are also suitable for contemporary furniture designers.

55. Motor

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Motor
Motor: Cars, Parts, Service, Equipments and Accessories WooCommerce Store by Stockware.

Motor is a special type of professional eCommerce WordPress theme meant for mechanics, shops, retailers and dealers.

This is the perfect theme to use for selling cars, equipment, accessories, quads, snowmobiles, spare parts, ATV and UTV.

It is also a great theme for car dealers, equipment and accessories sellers, auto dealers, motorcycle dealership sites, boat dealers and other types of auto dealership businesses that sell or buy vehicles, accessories and equipment and spare parts through a website.

With the help of Motor, you can develop your very own online store fast where you can have all of your offers listed quickly.

56. Techmarket

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Techmarket
Techmarket: Multi-demo & Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme by MadrasThemes.

Techmarket is an eCommerce WordPress theme for affiliates, fashion, tools, glasses, shoes, organics and electronics and is the best solution to the latest trends when it comes to full resolution designs.

This is a flexible, robust, smart and clean multi-demo and electronics WooCommerce WordPress theme with horizontal and vertical menu variants.

Perfect for all types of eCommerce stores, Techmarket is developed by the team behind Electro Electronics and many other top WordPress themes for eCommerce.

The concept behind this theme is to use all the space possible in a very user-friendly and clean way to showcase more products in different ways.

57. Fashion

Fashion: WooCommerce Responsive WordPress Theme by Opal_WP.

Are you searching for the best eCommerce WordPress theme that will suit your online fashion store? Then, don’t look any further than Fashion.

True to its name, Fashion is an appealing and modern responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme.

It is a template perfect for all types of fashion shops, beauty stores, gift shops, accessories and clothing stores, and other types of fashion businesses that require professional design, eye-catching appearance and rich features.

This theme is made with Elementor, the latest WordPress drag and drop page builder to make your website easily customizable and more powerful.

58. Woodstock

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Woodstock
Woodstock: Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme by temash.

Woodstock is an eCommerce WordPress theme that has been introduced not too long ago.

This comes with a very clean and trendy design that will let you showcase all of your professional products in complete detail.

This is a pretty flexible theme and this can be used for your furniture, fashion, clothing, watches and other kinds of eCommerce stores.

This theme also comes with a visual composer which means that it is easy for you to get the customization and layout done with no need for you to worry about coding.

The theme is mobile-friendly, fully responsive and comes with two primary color versions, dark and light layout.

59. Printshop

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Printshop
Printshop: WordPress Responsive Printing Theme by netbaseteam.

Printshop is a very responsive WordPress printing theme that looks stunning and can be easily customized to suit all medium and small printing businesses.

With Printshop, no coding is needed.

All you have to do is use the backend configurations, choose colors from dozens of elements with the use of color pickers, tweak the hundreds of options, then save the changes made to see the final result.

With the customizable design, you will be able to alter the visual appearance of this theme as you like in the backend of pretty much all the elements of the site, from the background to colors, width, font, and size.

60. Stockie

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Stockie
Stockie: Modern Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme by colabrio.

Stockie is a real multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme that has an exciting collection of online store demos.

Stockie theme package has a library of online store demos that cover a variety of store designs and product types.

This means that no matter what you want to sell or whatever your preferences in design might be, there can be at least a single choice that is a great match for you out of all the demos in Stockie.

You can use this theme to create fashion shops, sell gadgets or promote the newest products from luxury brands.

61. Stocky

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Stocky
Stocky: A Stock Photography Marketplace Theme by scubetheme.

Built on Easy Digital Downloads and WordPress, Stocky lets you sell all of your photos in the same way that you do in giant online marketplaces.

With this theme, you will not just be able to sell your items because with the help of the available EDD Pass extensions, you can let everyone upload their pictures and sell these through your website.

Right out of the box together with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin available for free, your website will be able to run as standalone eCommerce website.

Use Stocky to turn your website into an effective and full blown marketplace.

62. KartPul

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - KartPul
KartPul: Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme by TemplateMela.

KartPul is another eCommerce WordPress theme that is based on the WooCommerce plugin.

This is a theme suitable for electronics, digital, food, plant, vegetables, mobile, fruits, garden tools, watches, kitchen, accessories, art, furniture, handicraft, ceramic, jewelry, fashion, décor, home accessories, lingerie, and lighting stores.

This is a multipurpose theme that you can use for pretty much all types of online shops.

KartPul is a WooCommerce theme that looks good with its fresh and clean design.

All of the sub pages can also be customized according to what you need and want for your store.

63. Organik

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Organik
Organik: Organic Food Store WordPress Theme by ThemeMove.

Organik is the newly released theme for WooCommerce from Power Elite Authority that has been especially designed and made for organic shops, bakery and farm industries.

This specific template boasts of brilliant effectiveness and high performance, which are both two important factors that any WooCommerce theme should and must always have to attract more customers.

Organik just made things even better and took everything to a higher level that you can explore today on your own.

64. StarBella

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - StarBella
StarBella: Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme by TemplateMela.

StarBella is another type of eCommerce WordPress theme that is also based on the WooCommerce plugin.

This is a theme perfect for fashion design, medicine, clothes, drugs, jewelry, watches, home accessories, and furniture stores.

This is a special multipurpose theme that could be used for almost all types of online stores that you can think of.

The StarBella WooCommerce theme looks really great with its very fresh and clean design.

All of the sub pages of the theme can also be customized.

65. Primrose

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Primrose
Primrose: A Minimal and Creative WooCommerce Theme by SingleStroke.

Primrose is the responsive and minimalist WordPress theme that has been especially designed and developed to take your eCommerce business to a whole new level.

With the use of its simple drag and drop page builder, integration with WooCommerce and lots of options to choose from, Primrose will help you create your very own online store that can run fast and smooth on all types of screens and devices.

Primrose can also be used to build any type of online store such as handmade items, clothing, fashion, accessories, jewelry, furniture and many others.

66. Depot

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Depot
Depot: eCommerce Theme by Mikado-Themes.

Depot is a special type of contemporary WooCommerce theme that boasts of a very clean look.

This style is something that you will surely love and enjoy if you have plans to sell furniture or other types of home improvement products.

Different pages for templates are available that feature various elements of design, layouts, and custom widgets.

All of these appear that have been well planned, thought through and have been optimized for the best viewing experience.

Depot can also be used for homepages or other subpages.

Aside from these, you will also get a selection of inner pages such as testimonials, order tracking, FAQ, contact, team, along with legal pages such as terms and conditions.

67. Auros

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Auros
Auros: Furniture Elementor WooCommerce Theme by Opal_WP.

Auros is another minimal and modern WordPress shopping theme that has been developed on the very powerful WooCommerce plugin.

Auros is suitable for a wide array of eCommerce sites such as furniture marketplace, furniture shop, interior shop, wood shop, architecture shop and so much more.

It offers an impressive selection of more than 24 pre-made shopping homepages that are specially built with help of Elementor, which is currently the best drag and drop page builder.

The theme also has a variety of features to boost sales and comprehensive eCommerce functionalities.

Auros is the best curation of the minimalist style that will inspire you to develop a stunning store.

68. Organic Store

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Organic Store
Organic Store: Eco Products Shop WordPress Theme by axiomthemes.

Organic Store is another responsive, modern and colorful WordPress theme perfect for organic food niche.

This theme is specifically suitable for websites that are related to natural food, including healthy food blogs, modern agricultural business companies, healthy food stores and gastro tourism agencies.

Organic Store also works great for cheese farms and dairy firms, grape farms and wineries, bakery, fresh bread shops and corporate eco product shops.

69. Zass

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Zass
Zass: WooCommerce Theme for Handmade Artists and Artisans by AlThemist.

Zass is the best WooCommerce WordPress theme especially made for all artisans and handmade artists out there.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to develop a fully functional online store similar to Etsy, blog or even a portfolio for your very own handmade business, you can be sure that Zass is the perfect theme you can use.

With its very powerful custom features for eCommerce stores, unlimited styles of portfolio, different styles of blogs and unlimited layouts, backgrounds and colors, Zass could even become the last theme you will ever use or need for your business.


Best WordPress eCommerce Themes - Zorka
ZORKA: Wonderful Fashion WooCommerce Theme by G5Theme.

ZORKA is the last but definitely not the least of the best eCommerce WordPress themes that made it to this list.

With the help of ZORKA, you can take advantage of the 11 home pages that belong to its set of clean, beautiful and contemporary versions.

ZORKA has also been integrated with the WooCommerce plugin.

This is a very easy to use and enchanting WordPress theme for online shops that will let you showcase all of your products and offerings in the most dynamic way that make it a great option for your online store.

The 70 best eCommerce WordPress themes mentioned above are hopefully more than enough to help you get your online business up and running in no time.  

When choosing the theme you should use for your own online store, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

First is that you have to make sure that you go for a theme that offers a simple but seamless user experience so your store is easy to navigate for your customers.  

Don’t forget to follow the key trends as well because trends matter, even if you don’t belong to the fashion industry.

The theme of your choice must also be accessible and has an excellent loading speed as if your store takes forever to load, you will lose customers attention very quickly.

Of course, as your offers evolve and change with time, your website must also do so.

For this reason, the theme that you opt for must also offer a wide range of customisation options so you can update it as needed and whenever required in future.  

At the end of the day, always keep in mind that every type of business has its very own set of unique and specific needs, which may make some themes unsuitable.

This means that you should always do your own part to personally research eCommerce WordPress themes that are available in the market or reach out to me for help. 

Once you know the needs and requirements of your business, it will be easier for you to search for the best theme that will deliver everything you’re going to need to succeed.

Always consider the different elements you want to integrate on your online store and go for a theme that will help you highlight your products in the best way possible.  

I’m 100% certain that if you take the time to go through this list of the best WordPress eCommerce themes and understand what they offer, you will be sure to find the perfect theme today.

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WordPress is a powerful content management system and is especially useful for people that want to create an online store without needing programming experience.

By simply installing the WooCommerce plugin, your WordPress instantly becomes an online store where you can manage products, offers, shipping and payments.

Besides the simplicity, power and popularity of the WordPress platform, you have access to a massive range of eCommerce focused themes to make something truly unique.

One of the best WordPress themes for eCommerce that is currently available to buy on Themeforest (which is one of the largest marketplaces for premium WordPress themes) is called Flatsome.

Flatsome has long reigned supreme in the rankings within the eCommerce category and has currently racked up over 134,000+ sales and has 5,800+ reviews, with an average rating of 4.80 out of 5, which are amazing stats.

This is difficult for me to give a definitive answer as I’ve never personally used Shopify, but I do know that WordPress has more themes and plugins, as it’s been around longer.

There are more developers that create eCommerce themes and plugins exclusively for WordPress than they do for Shopify, so there’s more choice for design and functionality.

Running an online store is also 10 times cheaper on WordPress than it is on Shopify, so if you want better design, functionality and want to pay 10 times less every month, then go with a self-hosted WordPress store.

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Over the last 16 years I have built 100's of websites WITHOUT writing a single line of code, all thanks to the power of WordPress. Kudos to the coders!

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Over the last 16 years I have built 100's of websites WITHOUT writing a single line of code, all thanks to the power of WordPress. Kudos to the coders!

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