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Before you can begin using WordPress to start a blog, build a business website or create an online store as a beginner, you will first need to install WordPress.

In this tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to install the WordPress software on your own domain name and (affordable) WordPress optimised web hosting server, allowing you the freedom to build what ever you want, WITHOUT any limitations. OR

Here’s a couple of things you need to know before we get started…

There are two different sides to WordPress:

This is where you can get a free limited version of WordPress installed on a free web hosting server that is managed by the WordPress team themselves.

First of all, on there are way too many strict limitations on this free service which will have you handcuffed to using certain ugly looking themes and plugins as they don’t allow you to install your own premium themes or plugins, unless you pay £240 per year.

Secondly, you are also limited to how you can monetise your content and are governed by their strict terms of service which puts your business at risk as they can delete your content without any warning, which is shocking.

DON’T recommend starting with

This is basically the same free WordPress software, although with all the limitations removed, that you can install on your own web hosting server that can be accessed from a domain name that you own, giving you full control at an affordable price.

If you want 100% control and ownership over the design, files and database of your website/blog/store and decide how you monetise your own content, then you need to use on your own web hosting, which most popular web hosts offer.

By removing all the limitations you can also install ANY premium WordPress theme or WordPress plugin that you want to build and run your business.

I DO recommend starting with

Maybe you are not fussed about the limitations of free WordPress hosting and that’s OK for some people who are just getting started, but if you are serious about this, then you need to build a solid and secure foundation before you do anything.

The website you are reading right now is built on, with my own domain name and WordPress optimised web hosting, which means I have 100% control and ownership of my domain & content, which is what you need.

How to install WordPress automatically

Without a doubt, the best way for you to install WordPress as a beginner is to buy the best affordable WordPress optimised web hosting from a reputable company that already comes preloaded with the software.

This means that even if you have ZERO technical experience and have never even used WordPress before, you will still have no problems, as the WordPress software and database will be automatically installed for you.

How to Install WordPress for Beginners - Image 1
Bluehost has been recommended by themselves for more than a decade, due to their commitment to the WordPress community and software innovations that directly benefit people who want to make the most of WordPress, without needing any technical experience.

The best WordPress optimised web hosting for beginners would have to be no other than Bluehost, as by the time you have signed up for an account, Bluehost will have installed WordPress automatically on your domain, so it’s ready to use immediately.

With Bluehost you don’t have to worry about:

  • Uploading WordPress files via FTP
  • Creating & connecting MySQL database
  • Running the installation process

Ordering your WordPress hosting from Bluehost is a simple step by step process which Bluehost will walk you through and they will also offer you a free domain name registration for one year, as well as setup WordPress for you automatically.

Simply visit the correct page on Bluehost here.

How to install WordPress on cPanel

If you decide that Bluehost is not for you, then your next best thing is to buy cPanel hosting as this will come with a WordPress installer that will install the software and connect the database so you don’t have to do anything technical.

However, if you are simply looking for the cheapest WordPress web hosting then you should avoid building anything on WordPress to begin with as not all web hosting companies are created equal with many suffering from slow loading speeds, security and uptime issues.

You get what you pay for with cheaper hosting companies, so to save yourself a ton of frustration it’s best to start with a reputable WordPress optimised web hosting company such as Bluehost that have proven to deliver a quality service on a consistent basis, even if it does cost a little extra, it’s worth it in the long run.

Login to cPanel

To install WordPress using cPanel, you will first need to login to the admin panel of your cPanel, which will be provided to you within the welcome email your web hosting company sent you to your email address that you used to signup for an account.

This URL would look something like:

How to Install WordPress for Beginners - Image 2
Check the welcome email sent to you from your cPanel web hosting provider for the web address or URL to the cPanel admin panel (as shown above) which is what you’ll need to access to install the WordPress software.

Access Softaculous

Once you have logged into the cPanel admin panel, you can then scroll down to the “Softaculous Apps Installer” section and click on the “WordPress” icon as shown below.

How to Install WordPress for Beginners - Image 3
The Softaculous Apps Installer makes installing WordPress a very quick and simple process as you don’t have to install the WordPress files via FTP or create and connect the MySQL database, as this is all done automatically.

Install WordPress

Now you can begin the WordPress installation process on cPanel, which literally takes less than a minute, or maybe just 2 minutes if this is your first time, so let’s go.

How to Install WordPress for Beginners - Image 4
On the WordPress section within Softaculous you will see quite a lot of information such as the WordPress versions available to install, the latest WordPress release date and other info such as features, screenshots, demo, ratings and reviews, but the only thing you need to do at this point is click the blue “Install Now” button to proceed.

Installation Settings

You will then move on to the cPanel WordPress installation settings section where you can choose settings for WordPress version, protocol, domain, site name and description.

How to Install WordPress for Beginners - Image 5

WordPress Version: I always install the latest version as this will be the most secure version of the WordPress. The latest version will have the most recent bug fixes and security upgrades related to any new known exploits discovered by the WordPress community.

Protocol: If you have an SSL certificate installed on your domain and web hosting then you can choose the https:// protocol, so your website is more secure for your readers. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, you must use the http:// protocol. SSL may cost you extra from your cPanel hosting company or you can get free SSL with automatic installation on Bluehost.

Domain: This setting is self explanatory and will be the new domain name you registered with your web hosting company OR the domain name you already own that is connected to the cPanel hosting that you are using to install WordPress on your server.

Site Settings: In this section you can set the name of your blog, store or website and also a description which will be used as the title and description for which ever theme you are going to use to customise whatever it is you are going to build.

Admin Account

To increase the security of your WordPress login, it’s best if you change the default username of “admin” to something more personal to you and also a strong password to prevent hackers from accessing and deleting your website, which can happen on some cPanel hosts.

How to Install WordPress for Beginners - Image 6
Enter your own unique admin username to improve login security and if you cannot think of a secure password, you can click the “key” icon shown in the image above to auto generate a strong password. You should also enter your admin email so the software can send you alerts if something requires your attention in future.

Finish Installation

All other WordPress settings are optional and will vary depending on which cPanel web hosting provider you have decided to go with and the cPanel version they use, so all you need to do now to finish the cPanel WordPress installation process is scroll down to the “Install” button.

How to Install WordPress for Beginners - Image 7
Before you click on the “Install Button”, you can enter your email address in the section below the button and the installation details that will include your login details will be sent for easy access in future.

Congratulations, you can now visit your domain name and see that the cPanel WordPress installation is now complete, so you can now login to WordPress admin and customise the default theme that’s already installed or can install a different WordPress theme.

How to login to WordPress admin

In order for you to manage every aspect of your WordPress website, no matter whether you are starting a blog, creating an online store or building a business website, you will have to access WordPress admin in order to customise your settings, install plugins or themes.

The quickest and easiest way to login to WordPress admin so you can customise your website/blog/store is to directly visit your WordPress admin URL that is available on every WordPress install.

Which looks like this:

How to Install WordPress for Beginners - Image 8
Enter the username and password that you created when installing WordPress to access the WordPress admin dashboard. If you cannot remember your password, then click the “lost your password” link and follow the instructions to reset your password in order to regain access.

Login to WordPress on Bluehost

As Bluehost is specifically optimised for the WordPress software, your WordPress hosting is intrinsically connected with your Bluehost account, which is beneficial for beginners as you simply have to login to Bluehost to manage domains, emails and WordPress.

Simply login to Bluehost and click “WordPress” to access.

As soon as you login to your WordPress optimised web hosting with Bluehost you simply click the blue “WordPress” button as shown on the image above & it will take you directly to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is free and always will be free and open source. You only pay if you want to host the software on your own web hosting server to remove the limitations set by free WordPress hosting such as

With Bluehost it takes as long as it takes you to create an account, which is less than 5 minutes as Bluehost will automatically install WordPress on your domain and web hosting server during the signup process. This method is easiest.

When installing via Softaculous you should expect 5+ minutes if it’s your first time inside cPanel, although can be quicker once you know your way around. This is not the best way for beginners, although is easy enough to get your head around.

If your are installing manually via FTP then it could take 10+ minutes, but ultimately depends on your internet upload speed and level of experience. This method of installing WordPress is not recommended for beginners as it’s quite a technical process.

If you have never built a website before, have no programming or web design experience then WordPress is one of the very best options to build a small business website, start a blog or create an online store as it’s beginner friendly.

Installing the demo content of a premium WordPress theme will allow you to explore the possibilities and experiment with different settings, allowing you to build something suitable for your specific needs, based on what type of website you intend on building.

WordPress optimized web hosting is the foundation on which your website is built, so you don’t want to go for the cheapest, otherwise your website could crumble.

You should expect to pay around $100/year for solid, fast loading WordPress hosting with great support and more features than you will ever need.

All you need to do is install a theme that has already been created by an expert WordPress developer that has been specifically built for the purpose you require, then customize the theme using the built-in customization menus.

The are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes for blogs, business websites and online stores to choose from and can be installed by you in just a few clicks from within the WordPress admin panel, so it’s not complicated at all.

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Over the last 16 years I have built 100's of websites WITHOUT writing a single line of code, all thanks to the power of WordPress. Kudos to the coders!

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Over the last 16 years I have built 100's of websites WITHOUT writing a single line of code, all thanks to the power of WordPress. Kudos to the coders!

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